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This article applies to BIG-IP iSeries hardware platforms.


The LCD panel provides the ability to manage and monitor the unit without attaching a console or network cable. The different sensors that exist in the hardware platform provides information regarding the hardware health of the system by way of messages on the LCD screen. The following tables list messages that can appear on the LCD screen of iSeries platforms.

  • PSUx Status sensor messages
  • Power Fault sensor messages
  • CPU Fault sensor messages
  • Filter sensor messages
  • LCD Health sensor messages
  • Module Presence sensor messages
  • Leonardo Daughter Card Absent messages
  • FIPS Initialization Status messages
  • RAID Disk Failure messages

PSUx Status sensor messages

The PSUx sensor is a discrete sensor based on the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) standard sensor type code of 0x8. The sensor indicates various power supply unit (PSU) states.

Alert messageAlert levelAlert nameError codeLog messageTrap OID
PSUx Status presentInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_PWR_INFO     012a0045PSU# Status present.
PSUx Status absentInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_PWR_INFO 012a0045PSU# Status absent.
PSUx Status input lostWarningBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_PWR_WARN012a0040PSU# Status input lost.
PSUx Status input activeInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_PWR_INFO012a0045PSU# Status input active.
Chassis power module 1 turned on.
Chassis power module 2 turned on.
Chassis power module 3 turned on.
Chassis power module 4 turned on.
Chassis power module # turned on.
Chassis power module # is on.
Chassis power module 1 turned off.
Chassis power module 2 turned off.
Chassis power module 3 turned off.
Chassis power module 4 turned off.
Chassis power module # turned off.
Chassis power module # is off.
Chassis power module 1 absent.
Chassis power module 2 absent.
Chassis power module 3 absent.
Chassis power module 4 absent.
Chassis power module # absent.
Power supplies do not matchCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_CHASSIS_PSU_MISMATCH012a0060Power supplies do not match.
PSU #: modelnumber PSU #: modelnumber
PSUx Status config mismatchCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_PWR_CRIT012a0043PSU# Status config mismatch.
PSUx Status config matchInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_PWR_INFO012a0045PSU# Status config match.
PSUx Status output lostCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_PWR_CRIT012a0043PSU# Status output lost.
PSUx Status output activeInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_PWR_INFO012a0045PSU# Status output active.
PSUx Status PSU unidentifiedCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_PWR_CRIT012a0043PSU# Status PSU unidentified.
PSUx Status identifiedInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_PWR_INFO012a0045PSU# Status PSU identified.

Power Fault sensor messages

The Power Fault sensor is a discrete sensor indicating that a power fault has occurred.

Alert messageAlert levelAlert nameError codeLog messageTrap OID
Power Fault host assertedCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_PWR_CRIT012a0043Power Fault host asserted.
Power Fault host deassertedInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_PWR_INFO012a0045Power Fault host deasserted.
Power Fault bay X assertedCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_PWR_CRIT012a0043Power Fault bay # asserted.
Power Fault bay X deassertedInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_PWR_INFO012a0045Power Fault bay # deasserted.
Power Fault switchboard assertedCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_PWR_CRIT012a0043Power Fault switchboard asserted.
Power Fault switchboard deassertedInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_PWR_INFO012a0045Power Fault switchboard deasserted.
Power Fault HDD x assertedCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_PWR_CRIT012a0043Power Fault HDD # asserted.
Power Fault HDD x deassertedInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_PWR_INFO012a0045Power Fault HDD # deasserted.

CPU Fault sensor messages

The CPU Fault sensor is a discrete sensor indicating that a CPU fault has occurred.

Alert messageAlert levelAlert nameError codeLog messageTrap OID
CPU Fault CATERR assertedCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_CRIT012a0025CPU Fault CATERR asserted.
CPU Fault CATERR deassertedInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_INFO012a0027CPU Fault CATERR deasserted.
CPU Fault PROCHOT assertedCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_TEMP_CRIT012a0031CPU Fault PROCHOT asserted.
CPU Fault PROCHOT deassertedInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_TEMP_INFO012a0033CPU Fault PROCHOT deasserted.
CPU Fault FIVR assertedEmergencyBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_EMERG012a0026CPU Fault FIVR asserted.
CPU Fault FIVR deassertedInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_INFO012a0027CPU Fault FIVR deasserted.
CPU Fault DIMM Event assertedWarningBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_WARN012a0022CPU Fault DIMM asserted.
CPU Fault DIMM Event deassertedInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_INFO012a0027CPU Fault DIMM deasserted.
CPU Fault MEMHOT assertedWarningBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_TEMP_WARN012a0028CPU Fault MEMHOT asserted.
CPU Fault MEMHOT deassertedInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_TEMP_INFO012a0033CPU Fault MEMHOT deasserted.
CPU Fault VR Hot assertedWarningBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_TEMP_WARN012a0028CPU Fault VR Hot asserted.
CPU Fault VR Hot deassertedInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_SENSOR_TEMP_INFO012a0033CPU Fault VR Hot deasserted.
CPU Fault CPU IERR assertedCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_CRIT012a0025CPU Fault IERR asserted.
CPU Fault CPU IERR deassertedInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_INFO012a0027CPU Fault IERR deasserted.
CPU Fault CPU MCERR assertedCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_CRIT012a0025CPU Fault MCERR asserted.
CPU Fault CPU MCERR deassertedInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_INFO012a0027CPU Fault MCERR deasserted.

Filter sensor messages

The Filter sensor sends an event when the chassis filter needs to be replaced. This is a threshold-based sensor.

Alert messageAlert levelAlert nameError codeLog messageTrap OID
Chassis air filter replacement dueInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_INFO012a0027Chassis air filter replacement due.
Chassis air filter replacement overdueCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_CRIT012a0025Chassis air filter replacement overdue.

LCD Health sensor messages

The LCD Health sensor indicates whether or not the BMC can communicate with the LCD.

Alert messageAlert levelAlert nameError codeLog messageTrap OID
LCD Health communication OKInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_INFO012a0027LCD Health communication OK.
LCD Health communication errorCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_CRIT012a0025LCD Health communication error.

Module Presence sensor messages

The Module Presence sensor indicates whether or not a module is present.

Alert messageAlert levelAlert nameError codeLog messageTrap OID
fan tray presentInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_INFO012a0027fan tray present.
fan tray absentCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_CRIT012a0025fan tray absent.
bay x presentInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_INFO012a0027bay # present.
bay x absentCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_CRIT012a0025bay # absent.
switchboard presentInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_INFO012a0027switchboard present.
switchboard absentCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_CRIT012a0025switchboard absent.
LCD presentInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_INFO012a0027LCD present.
LCD absentCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_CRIT012a0025LCD absent.
CPU 00 presentInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_INFO012a0027CPU 00 present.
CPU 00 absentCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_CRIT012a0025CPU 00 absent.
CPU 01 presentInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_INFO012a0027CPU 01 present.
CPU 01 absentCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_CRIT012a0025CPU 01 absent.

Leonardo Daughter Card Absent messages

A single general-purpose input/output (GPIO) on Leonardo indicates that the daughter card is absent.

Alert messageAlert levelAlert nameError codeLog messageTrap OID
CM Daughter Card absentCriticalBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_CRIT012a0025CM Daughter Card absent.
CM Daughter Card presentInfoBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_INFO012a0027CM Daughter Card present.

FIPS Initialization Status messages

The Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Initialization Status sensor tracks the state of the Full Box FIPS Mode initialization for the host application.

Alert messageAlert levelAlert nameError codeLog messageTrap OID
FIPS initialization error assertedWarningBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_WARN012a0022FIPS initialization error asserted.
FIPS initialization error deassertedWarningBIGIP_LIBHAL_AOM_ALERT_WARN012a0022FIPS initialization error deasserted.

RAID Disk Failure messages

The RAID controller on a Dual-SSD system indicates that the member disk is removed from the RAID array.

Alert MessageAlert LevelAlert NameError codeLog messageTrap OID
RAID disk failure.CriticalBIGIP_RAID_DISK_FAILURE0x0Raid#:md#: Disk failure.
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